DOCRRA Comments: KDM Adjustment Budget and Proposed Office Building Purchase

Subsequent to the publication of information regarding the adjustment budget from KDM last week, the DOCRRA Finance Committee has analyzed the minor changes made to these various budgets and is happy to share the following with our members and the community at large:

  • KDM have received some additional funding from the national government due to the hardship of COVID-19 and, as suggested by DOCRRA in previous negotiations, they have added these savings back into the budget for contracted services and grass cutting.  These services were previously severely cut back due to the austerity budget.
  • The increases, contained within the adjusted budget, pertain to the costs incurred as a result of the change in work environment due to COVID-19.  They include additional computers and software to enable remote working.
  • All grants and other austerity budget assumptions remain relevant and unchanged.

We remain vigilant and will be keeping a close eye on any changes to the financial situation of KDM.  We are particularly interested in monitoring revenue collection so that any potential increase in revenue could be added back to operational budgets.

As far as other KDM matters are concerned, we also continue to challenge the failed stakeholder engagement process as it relates to the proposed purchase of additional office space.  We are questioning the rationale of any bond application (if purchasing additional space is indeed required), as KDM has more than sufficient funds invested at a lower interest rate than the proposed bond.

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